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Greek Temple Architecture

Not living in Greece and never having had the priviledge of visiting (although I am hoping to rectify that in the very near future), my primary concern with ancient sites has been pretty much academic, what statuary was found there, what steles or archeological artifacts have been found in the environs, that may or may not support the work that I do with Hekate, that might enrich my personal practises. I will be honest it had never occured to me to consider the possible astronomical orientation of the major temples. But I came across this interesting article online this morning and I thought it was worth linking to it especially as the Temple of Hekate in Sicily gets a specific mention.

Dr Salt found that 40 of 41 temples that he analysed in Sicily were oriented towards the eastern horizon. A statistical analysis all but eliminated the possibility that this was due to chance. The sole exception was the Temple of Hekate, which he suggests may have been built to honour a Moon goddess.

~Times Online

You can find the full article Here