Post Samhain Musings

Samhain has become increasingly important to me as the years go by. And although my celebrations are still far from over, for nowadays the festival seems to spill over into days rather than hours, to fit around complex working patterns and the need to co-ordinate many people, I still hold Samhain night as the most sacred.

Last night I chose to spend time with a lovely group of people honouring the ancestors in a way that couldn’t have been more perfect for me if I tried. For mere miles from the town where my father and grandfather grew up we performed a Despatcho ceremony. A ritual quite literally from the land of my paternal ancestors.

A Despatcho is in essence a living prayer bundle, used in a number of ways. It can be for healing, emotional or physical, gratitude, honouring or even celebrating such as blessings for births, deaths and marriages.

A mandala is built up slowly over time, with each item representing something the participants wish to pray for, or honour. Last night we gave thanks for the land we live in, all the peoples of this world, human, animal, vegetable and mineral. We gave praise and thanks to our ancestors and offered up Kintus sets of 3 leaves which we infused with our intent. I chose my leaves very carefully. One Sycamore, one Bay, one Ivy. Make of that what you will 😉

We also honoured our ancestors with sound, participating in drumming in the winds and spirits of the directions, the spirits of those above and below, the spirits of place and Mother Earth. Followed by a Gong bath that allowed us to fall into trance and if the ancestors wished it, receive messages and guidance. It was terribly moving. And I truly felt a weight lifted and a child like delight return to me after the Despatcho was passed over me.

However, I would dearly love to know who Michelle is, for whilst in trance a young boy came to my side, knelt down and told me to say to Michelle that she will not find the stone for her ring. Not very mystic I know, but hey we don’t get to dictate what the spirit world offers us. Obviously its very important to somebody somewhere or they wouldn’t have bothered breaking through into my reverie. If this relates to you, please, please tell me, my curiosity is eating me up.


2 thoughts on “Post Samhain Musings

  1. Michelle A Morningstar

    I know it has been a while since you posted this and I have no idea if you have had any responses to it but…
    My name is Michelle Morningstar and my mother died in 2015. I inherited some rings from her and one of them threw a stone. I had it in my jewelry box intending to have it remounted but when I looked for it to go to the shop it wasn’t there. I have searched through everything but that little opal is no where to be found. Maybe it is not meant to be, maybe it found a new home, maybe my mother took it back. One thing is for sure, it is no longer in my jewelry box and I am the only one who gets into it. I guess it’s time to accept that I will not see it again.

    1. tarahp Post author

      Wow, michelle you are the first person to respond to this, so the message must’ve been for you.

      But never say never, spirits can be tricksy. The words were very specific, in that they said *you* would not find the stone. There is still a vague chance that someone else in the house or a visitor may find it. However, I would probably say that if it isn’t back by Samhain (as this was a Samhain post) then maybe it is gone. xXx


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