Tarot 101 – Starting 26/12/2019

Ever wondered who invented the tarot? Did someone tell you that you can’t buy your own deck?
Do you have a deck of cards but you don’t know what to do with them? Never made it to the point of reading WITHOUT the book in your hand? Or would you just like to improve your skills because it’s been a while?

The Tarot has been around in its current form for over 500 years, first as a playing card game, then as a fortune telling tool; but its real power is not in what it can predict but on how you can use it to create. Informed decisions make for a ‘meaning full’ life aligned to your higher self and soul purpose. During this 9 moon course we will cover a comprehensive curriculum that will answer all your questions including:

  • How to build up confidence handling the cards
  • Understand the traditional meanings & learn to read intuitively
  • Learn how to read card pairs and perform shorter readings
  • Get to grips with the classic spreads you see in most books
  • How to use the cards in spell work and empowerment rituals
  • Look at Tarot cards and Crystal grids a winning combination
  • How to read for yourself, your friends and even paying clients

You will also get some interesting insider hints, tips and hopefully debunk a few myths too!

Each new moon you will receive an emailed worksheet containing exercises, a short video tutorial which will include a Q&A from the previous months work and also a voucher for a 15 minute one to one Skype call which you may use during that month to either gain additional tuition of receive a short reading from me.

The course cost is £150 and places are strictly limited. But for those early birds who pay before 31st of November they will receive an additional 15 minute one to one Skype coaching call during December to assess their personal learning needs to give them a flying start.

Enrol today by filling out the form below and tell me a little bit about yourself:

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